SONATUBES Ltd was established from December 10th, 1976 and was primarily organized by the Belgian company  UTEMA S.A, the Travhydro Nederland, the government of Rwanda and the Rwanda Development Bank. The goal of SONATUBES Ltd is still to make and manufacture different kinds of  PVC Tubes, Plastic Pipes including importation and exportation of all metal tubes and other accessories for construction and hardware products.

SONATUBES Ltd is located in KICUKIRO District, Kigali City within its headquarters, factory and Sales department.
In 1988, SONATUBES Ltd was amended in accordance with the law 06/1988 of government of Rwanda on the organization of commercial companies and became A.S.R.L. instead of S.P.R.L.

In 2011, SONATUBES Ltd received the new registration in its new form of Ltd with getting the “Certificate of Domestic Company Registration”..

Furthermore, in the framework of taking care of the welfare of Rwandan people, SONATUBES Ltd also markets and supplies the genuine Lightning  protection  because the thunder and lightning are serious issues throughout the world especially in the country of Rwanda.

In the meantime, we have specialized in the field of drinkable water water supply network extension by selling PVC connections accessories, galvanized steel, cast iron, HDPE and PPR, the big valves, water pumps KSB, RENSON and GRUNDFOSS.
In addition, we have a wide range of merchant steel beams as all metal profiles, flat sheets of steel, galvanized steel, copper and aluminum, all screening screens for mines, deployed various irons, wire mesh or welded mesh galvanized or other, mosquito nets, and many other such products.
SONATUBES Ltd also sought to diversify by allying prestigious partners as ROBLAND, RIDGID, EUROPOWER, SIKA, INDELEC, SIMON, LEGRAND, CONMIX, FASTVERDINI, AMIG, HITACHI POWER TOOLS and with many other such prestigious partners.
We continue to diversify by seeking to organize a quality technical service. We also wish to develop renewable energy such as hydropower,solar thermal and photovoltaic, biogas and many other such products.

Therefore, for more than 40 years of working experience, our stock has reached about 5000 products and we have enough big capacity of production.SONATUBES Ltd industry received many Appreciation Awards and Certificates from different Hon. Ministers and Government institutions for its contribution to promoting Made in Rwanda Program

Our concern is to always sell the best quality products at affordable prices!


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